Health & Safety

Our business utilizes the latest in fabrication technology and robotics, but it still relies on the hard work and safe involvement of trained professionals.

As our organization has evolved over the years, we’ve always maintained the highest standards of health and safety, and we pride ourselves in providing a comfortable work environment to our employees.

Safety by Design

To produce the safest environment possible, you must engineer safety into the processes and equipment. We approach all our work from a design standpoint, with integrated safety procedures for operation and execution. This ties safety into production seamlessly, and Metal Fabricators and Welding benefits from a constant exposure and awareness towards a safe workplace.


We hold all relevant safety standards including the COR (certificate of recognition) and we belong to the MHSA (Manufacturers Health and Safety Association). Our customer base is primarily in Western Canada, but because we deal with international clients, we hold ourselves to the stringent safety requirements of all major industrial clients.


To ensure all standards for safety are saturated throughout the organization, our leadership has always played a vital role in promoting safety. This encourages everyone to play their part, all employees are active in spotting concerns and are accountable for their actions. We’ve found this to be the best approach to building a culture of safety.