Custom Fabrication

Metal Fabricators and Welding has been offering custom fabrication for over 60 years now and it’s become our core business. With a tremendous amount of experience and all the internal resources required, we are the first choice fabricator for a number of clients in the Alberta market.

Starting with a design we will create 3D blueprints to ensure we understand the full scope and to give our clients the ability to make changes in a digital environment where modifications aren’t very costly. From there we will custom design a fabrication and quality control plan that suits both your product and your budget, making sure we can meet your scheduling requirements throughout the entire process.

Metal Fabricators and Welding is an integrated fabricator. With a large amount of material processing equipment, industry certifications for both structural and B-Pressure work, a rigorous in-house quality control program and inspector, we can complete most projects from start to finish without the need for outside assistance. This means that Metal Fabricators and Welding has the full ability to control both your schedule and quality requirements while remaining independent from outsourcing work.

As part of our history Metal Fabricators and Welding has developed a knack for quick turnover requirements. We’ll always ask what your required delivery is and we don’t make commitments we can’t keep, in it’s our nature as professionals in our industry.

Metal Fabricators and Welding has over 60 years of experience in custom fabrication, some of our past projects include -


 Pipe Spools



 Stands and Platforms


 Pressure Vessels



 Ductwork and Chutes

 Beam and Stick columns