Welding & Fabrication

Metal Fabricators and Welding is one of the most diverse fabrication shops in Western Canada and we believe that our over 60 years of experience makes the difference.

We accomodate large and small scale projects for oil and gas, construction and other heavy industries, building a reputation as a high quality and professional service provider. The diverse clientele we service means that Metal Fabricators and Welding can complete one off projects, high volume production runs and large scale industrial projects.

Our business supports complex project needs, tailoring our services and equipment to specific project requirements. With drafting, material
processing, and welding all under one roof, we can produce better quality
products and quicker turnaround.

Welding Technologies We Employ:





 GMAW, CMT technology available




Project Diversity

One of our keys to success has been our ability to approach a wide array of projects for our broad customer base. Metal Fabricators and Welding has fabricated pipe, structures, pressure vessels, tanks and countless other products. Most of our projects are one time only, requiring a more custom approach. We can apply different technology and team members based on what requirements we are facing.

Being on the leading edge of process and technology has been a company focus for years. This requires us to regularly invest back into our people and equipment, providing the most diverse fabrication services to our customers. We have the people, the process and the technology to accomplish all kinds of fabrication projects, feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff if you have any questions.

For more information about Metal Fabricators and Welding and the services we provide, please contact our head office in Edmonton. Contact Us >